Looking for Loan officers that want a better opportunity!

Loan Officer Comp is 2.75%


Edge’s compensation is very simple. It’s 275 bps on every file with 2 deductions.

Here’s a quick example of the commission breakdown.

$400,000 loan amount @ 275 bps = $11,000

total broker check – minus $995 to Edge – minus 10% payroll tax

The rest is yours = $9,005 gross W2 income to the Loan Officer!

It works this way on every file. It doesn’t matter which lender or if it’s a Conventional, FHA, VA, etc. Every loan officer gets the same deal. No one is making more or less than anyone else. Everything with us is completely transparent. Just 3 of these loans per month (36 per year) makes the LO a gross of over $27,000 per month which is almost $325,000 per year.

This is not a joke. This is 100% real.. and that’s doing only 3 per month! Here’s how you can quickly calculate your income on any file: – loan amount multiplied by .0275 – subtract 995 -multiply by 0.9 The rest goes to the LO!

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Brokers Are Better!

100% commission!

Employment type​:
Employee’s choice​

Opportunity ​to
Work From Anywhere​

Part Time effort
Full Time Reward


Make 2.75% of the loan amount

Interest Rates

Edge Home Finance is a 100% true broker and our rates are directly from the lender. We have no warehouse lines, there is no correspondent lending and there’s no overhead. Because of that the rates are directly off the shelf and they are the absolute best possible.

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Highest Comp Plan available, lowest rates available, options to shop any lenders. Profit sharing!

Portability that allows you to work remotely from any location with your laptop, phone & internet connection